Monday, September 22, 2014

{treat yourself tuesday}

joining becky today for my first (official) #treatyourselftuesday post of TaraLinRuns!  i love the idea behind doing something just for you once a few times a week.  with the many hats i wear: mom, wife, friend, daughter, nurse, runner, etc. i find myself forgetting to look out for me.  i take for granted my free time, and typically fill it doing those "must do things".  every once in a while, its nice to do something for you!

I sorta feel like this weeks treats have been a little too frequent. is there such a thing?!
{a mini shopping spree at target}
{my strikeout cancer shirt}
{and new glasses}
{choc PB cheesecake}
{an impulse buy workout shirt}
{and B1G1 fall starbucks drinks} 

How did you treat yourself today?

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