Monday, September 29, 2014

{move it monday}

Took a day off from running today.
We were super pumped that the resort had a daily yoga class... except, apparently this week there is no one to be an instructor.  so, my handy yoga iPad app came in handy today. we did a 30 minute "yoga for runners" flow that was amazing. focused on hip flexors, piriformis and hamstrings. all my problem areas.  
after our make-shift yoga class, i did a little work on my handstand.  i can't believe the amount of core and upper body strength this takes. 
i have a successful handstand, but surely can't hold it longer than a few seconds. progress not perfection. right?!

what kind of moving did you do on move it Monday?!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday favorites

I'm taking a little time to get away this week. Here are some of my favorites for today...
My view from the treadmill this morning. 
Some time for relaxation and a chance to really clear my head. 
And time to finally read a book or two I don't seem to ever have time to get to. 

What are your favorites this Friday?!

Monday, September 22, 2014

{treat yourself tuesday}

joining becky today for my first (official) #treatyourselftuesday post of TaraLinRuns!  i love the idea behind doing something just for you once a few times a week.  with the many hats i wear: mom, wife, friend, daughter, nurse, runner, etc. i find myself forgetting to look out for me.  i take for granted my free time, and typically fill it doing those "must do things".  every once in a while, its nice to do something for you!

I sorta feel like this weeks treats have been a little too frequent. is there such a thing?!
{a mini shopping spree at target}
{my strikeout cancer shirt}
{and new glasses}
{choc PB cheesecake}
{an impulse buy workout shirt}
{and B1G1 fall starbucks drinks} 

How did you treat yourself today?

{move it monday}

Yesterday, I ran 15 miles. I feel like fifteen is such a tough distance mentally. A few miles more than a half, but still so far from the full 26.2 
I choose my favorite, flat park to run, and had beautiful views and gorgeous weather. 
Also, a sweet friend to cover the distance. The miles always fly by when there is someone to talk to! 
Fifteen miles down! Total of 30 for the week. 
My next two weeks are going to be step backs in my mileage, which will be very welcome as I'll be soaking up some tropical sun during a lot of that time! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

{reflection & change}

i've spent the last several months reflecting.
i'm not sure what revelations have developed through this reflection, but i know that running has been a huge part of the person i have become.  i opted to start this blog {Tara Lin Runs} as a place where i could write more about my running and fitness journey.  Both running and writing have become an outlet for me, and i like the opportunity it has provided for me to have a small role in the healthy living blog community as well.  i have met so many incredible and amazing women through blogging, and i am looking forward to new opportunities to connect with others. 
as i'm sure you have noticed, I've stepped back from the brody chronicles blog.  i was finding myself wanting to post more about fitness/running content, and i didn't feel my "mommy blog" was an appropriate place for those topics.  I will still keep the blog active, and may even post occasionally, but please expect to see most of my content here!
this was after this mornings 7 miler.  i have a 15 on my plate for tomorrow morning.  
i had better head to bed!
off and running.  
good night all!