Saturday, September 20, 2014

{reflection & change}

i've spent the last several months reflecting.
i'm not sure what revelations have developed through this reflection, but i know that running has been a huge part of the person i have become.  i opted to start this blog {Tara Lin Runs} as a place where i could write more about my running and fitness journey.  Both running and writing have become an outlet for me, and i like the opportunity it has provided for me to have a small role in the healthy living blog community as well.  i have met so many incredible and amazing women through blogging, and i am looking forward to new opportunities to connect with others. 
as i'm sure you have noticed, I've stepped back from the brody chronicles blog.  i was finding myself wanting to post more about fitness/running content, and i didn't feel my "mommy blog" was an appropriate place for those topics.  I will still keep the blog active, and may even post occasionally, but please expect to see most of my content here!
this was after this mornings 7 miler.  i have a 15 on my plate for tomorrow morning.  
i had better head to bed!
off and running.  
good night all!

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