Thursday, October 2, 2014

{about those goals. and posting}

I found this in Instagram via @chocolaterunnergirl. I thought it would be perfect as I make my way back into blogging again. Seeing as how I'm coming in a little late, I'll see how many I can stick with. 
So... October goals. 
1. Get back to eating clean (80/20) once we get back from vacation. I was doing really well at home, and surprisingly managed to contain my sweet tooth most of the week, while making decent meal choices. (Now... I wonder how many calories are in Jameson shots?)
2. Continue marathon training (my St. Jude Marathon is December 6th). I've had some shin/leg pain this week, hopefully just from the treadmill. I'm hoping the ice/rest/ibuprofen I've been doing is enough to make it feel better. 
3. More yoga. I know how much I need yoga in my life, I just can't (dont?) make time to add it in along with my weekly runs and body pump). 
4. Sub 2 a half marathon?!?!?! 
I've been working towards this, and had planned on it with the MO Cowbell half coming up this weekend, but with my recent leg issue, plus traveling and non ideal food/beverage choices... We will have to see. I am signed up for Rock n roll STL 1/2 in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

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  1. Love your goals!!
    Do you have access to Piyo classes? I have been intertwining them betwee running, biking and body pump and they have been awesome! They have DVDs available if you don't have any classes you can go to!
    Good luck with your races!!