Monday, November 3, 2014

{Rock N Roll STL}

i signed up for the Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon months ago, in an effort to earn the Rock Encore medal for completing two rock n roll events this year.  (my other was the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, which you can read about here)
and then, a sweet friend of mine went and signed up for the RnR Chicago Half-Marathon, knowing it wouldn't take much to get me to join her!  
so now... by running all three races, i was going to earn the Triple Crown medal! 
but wait... there was one more.  
because i signed up for both CHI and STL, there was the "Midwest is Best" medal as well.
which, if i count correctly will add up to 6 medals.  
so, now you know why i ran Rock N Roll St Louis! Ha.  
expo day
 i was down and out with a migraine the two days prior to race day, so i didn't spend much time at the expo.  grabbed my packet and headed home.  
with a stop for a cake photo before heading in.
night before race prep.

i was aiming for an 18 mile run, so i headed out a little early and ran about a mile and a half prior to the start line.  
i was excited for my friend hailey to complete her first half marathon.  
she was injured, but still rocked it!  
we all ran around looking for a porta-potty, and snuck into the start corral a little while after the race started. 
crossing through the start line.
and this... is one of the only photos i took during the entire race.  and, it pretty much sums up the entirety of my race day.  two port potty stops... and counting down each and every mile to the finish line.  this was the first time i have ever had to stop for bathroom breaks multiple times during a race. 

 ultimately, this was a training run for me, and had i not been signed up for this race, i would have pushed off my long run for later in the week.  but, i stuck it out... and finished.  Totaling 14.5 miles for the day.   (spoiler alert: i finished my 18 mile run feeling much better, 3 days later!)
i feel like you can see how crummy i felt in this photo.  
it was just a minute after crossing the finish line.  

it was pretty cold and i was happy to have found the heat lamps while my friend was at the St Louis Injury and Rehab tent.  One of the therapists even helped me stretch my terribly stiff IT bands!  

i headed to a birthday party after the race, and spent the rest of the day on the couch!  
this race... kicked my behind!

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